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Events that bring people together.

Celebrating culture, connecting people.

Afrotonik's main mission is to produce events celebrating and promoting Afro culture. The organization has become a leader in the creation of events and festivals, and is a source of expansion of Afro culture in Canada.

Afrotonik aims to address the lack of representation of Black people in the world of performing arts and entertainment in Quebec. Afrotonik’s goal is to be a platform for Black arts and cultures.

Afrotonik stands out for the originality of its projects, the integration of multiple artistic disciplines and the creation of an immersive atmosphere.

Afrotonik constantly reinvents event production. We believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity, always striving to offer unique and innovative experiences to our audience. We know that in order to captivate and engage our attendees, we must deliver events that are fresh, exciting, and unexpected. 

Our team of talented professionals incorporates various artistic disciplines into our events, ranging from DJing and dancing to live performances. By seamlessly blending these disciplines, we create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on our audience.

Unify through culture and diversity.